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Seiko Kinetic Capacitor Overhaul Special $55!

As of 10/18/03, the old style capacitors for Seiko kinetic watches have been discontinued. Seiko is now supplying a "rechargeable lithium-ion battery" similar to the ones used in citizen eco-drive watches for installation in their kinetic watches. all future kinetic watches sent in for a capacitor overhaul will receive this new battery.


I have seen that some other watchmakers on the internet have copied this page and others on my web site, nearly verbatim. I guess when you have a good idea, and service, others want to copy it even if that is wrong. My web site has been up for over eighteen years, and I have been offering the Kinetic overhaul service for far longer than the others have (even before I had the web site). I will do all in my power to make a customer happy and work with them one-on-one if needed. Stick with the oldest and the best, you will not be sorry!

"My Seiko Kinetic Will Not Hold A Charge"

·                What usually goes bad in these is the capacitor. If your Kinetic runs, and keeps time, but goes dead often (usually after sitting overnight), it is most likely because the capacitor is not holding a charge.

·                To be sure if the capacitor is bad or not, charge the watch ALL the way up (it takes a LOT of motion to charge these things, 1,700-2,000 HARD shakes of the wrist), if the watch then goes dead overnight or within a few hours or minutes, the capacitor is most likely bad. If the watch will not run at all after following the above procedure then there could be (and most likely is) another problem, or problems, in the watch. I have had capacitors that leaked so badly that they fouled the gears, etc. in the watch and the movement had to be replaced. Please see this link for Seiko Kinetic Charging Instructions: Seiko Kinetic Charging Instructions

·                The older capacitors, especially the first generation ones (denoted by two holes in the capacitor strap), are also prone to leaking (accompanies failure to hold a charge in some instances).

·                Also, be aware that some people are just not active enough to keep a Kinetic watch charged. As I said, it take a LOT of motion to charge a Kinetic watch all the way up. The best way to find out if the capacitor is bad is to try the test I outlined.

As this has become a popular repair (there have been millions of Seiko Kinetics sold), I have created a special pricing package for Seiko Kinetic owners!

Compare the services in this package and its price to that of your local service people or service center; I think you will find it more than competitive!

Seiko Kinetic Capacitor Overhaul Special $55!!!

The Kinetic Capacitor Overhaul includes the following services/items:

·                Cleaning of metal watch bracelet in ultrasonic tank.

·                Hand cleaning of watchcase.

·                All Kinetic overhauls include "cyclonic cleaning" of the watch movement Cyclonic Rate machine. This spins the gear train at high-speed and breaks-up dirt in the gear train making the watch function better in most instances.

·                Replacement of original capacitor, capacitor bridge, and insulator with a new Seiko factory battery kit.

·                Voltage testing of your new battery.

·                Testing of your watch's charging circuitry.

·                Testing of both movement & circuit consumption.

·                Charging of the new watch battery on factory Seiko equipment.

·                New case back and crown gaskets properly greased and installed.

·                Bracelet spring bars replaced with new stainless steel spring bars.

·                Water resistance testing to 3 BAR minimum. If your watch fails this test, you will be informed of where it leaks, how badly, and what it will take to restore your watch to water resistance if possible.

·                Moisture check after water resistance test.

·                Two year limited warranty on new Lithium-Ion battery.

·                Return shipping with $200 insurance.

***Note: Excessively dirty watches will incur an extra charge $5-$10 for cleaning. Sorry, but as more and more watches come into the shop in bad shape I have to do this to maintain the low price I charge for this package. Please see the watch care page at the following link for tips on how to keep your watch from ending up in this category:  Watch Care & Advice & Facts You Need To Know

Other items that may need repair when your Kinetic is in for service

·                Screw lug repair: There have been a number of these lately, so I thought it best to put info about it here on the web site. Basically the problem is that someone (or some machine) at one of the factories where they make the Kinetic watches over-tightens the screws holding the capacitor strap down. What this does is "spin" one or both screw lugs that the screws holding the capacitor strap screw into. It is nearly always the left-hand screw lug holding the capacitor strap down that is broken loose in the movement when it occurs. It is sometimes difficult to get the screw out to remove the capacitor. These screw lugs are just pressed into the plastic movement body, and easily damaged. I have figured out a way that I can often glue these from the top without having to tear the movement down. If I can repair it this way, the charge will be $10. If I have to tear the movement down to repair the lug then the charge will be $40-$50. Will yours be bad? There is no way to tell until I try to get the screws out. Sometimes I go a month or more with none of them, other times I have three or four in one repair cycle. Often, if the watch must be torn down to fix the lug; I will just suggest a movement replacement. In the event of a movement replacement, the $55 capacitor overhaul fee will be applied to that work. There is no way to properly fix your watch (or make it function correctly) without correcting this!

·                Any watch that comes into the shop that requires a water resistance test during service that has a glue-in crystal will have the crystal re-glued for a flat $15 charge. Why? Because these watches usually fail the water resistance test, with the result being that, the crystal blows out in the tester and I have to dry out the movement and re-glue the crystal anyway. This operation is mandatory on ANY watch that comes in that is to be water resistance tested with a glue-in crystal.

·                Maybe 10-20% of the “two-hole” original capacitors leak. I can generally clean the “goo” out of the watch with patience, a small screwdriver, Rodico, and my trusty air compressor (water trap on compressor). In cases where I cannot get the materials suitably removed, I replace the movement; it is much cheaper, easier, and faster to replace the movement than attempt to remove the residue if the movement is that far gone. Thus far, I have only replaced a couple movements due to leakage.

·                Another thing I am seeing go bad is the charging rotor bridge, stator, and rotor; one must replace all three pieces to insure the watch will function properly. The easiest way to diagnose this is to use the old method of testing an automatic watch for proper function of the winding system; the weight should stay at the bottom no matter what position the case is in (when held vertically), if it does not, the bridge and rotor/stator are probably bad.

·                Kinetic watches generally tend to fail the water resistance test, and mostly at the indicator pusher. If your watch fails the water resistance test, I will generally recommend that you have the pusher replaced, as it takes just as long or longer to change the gasket, assuming it is still available from the supply house.


·                "Turn-around" on Kinetic capacitor overhauls is around 1-4 weeks. I have been swamped with Kinetic watches off and on, PLEASE be patient. 

·                Keep in mind that the "charge indicator" on the Kinetic watches is notoriously inaccurate. Seiko recommends charging the watch, check the charge indicator, and then check it again in an hour for a more "true" reading. Many people mistakenly believe they are getting the watch all the way charged when in reality they are not. The best indication is how long the watch will run on a full charge.

·                Your watch will be tested for water resistance if applicable when the overhaul is done. About 70%-90% of the Kinetic watches fail this test (usually leaking at the pusher, bezel, crystal, or all of the above at once). If your watch fails the test I will tell you where it failed, it will then be up to you to decide if you want to pursue further repairs to attempt to restore the water resistance of the watch. If your watch is a "dive watch,” rated at 15 BAR or more I will generally contact you and recommend repairing the watch to its water resistant state, Water resistance is NOT guaranteed. It is NOT recommended to wear water resistant watches in hot tubs or the shower, the great swings caused in surface temperature can actually cause the watch to leak and the chemicals can deteriorate the gaskets. Also, keep in mind that certain activities such as water sports or streaming water such as from a garden hose can create pressures, which exceed the water resistance of the watch. Water resistance should be checked every 1 to 2 years. Water resistance is not a permanent condition, it must be maintained!

·                There is a 24-month warranty on Seiko Kinetic capacitor overhauls on the battery only. Please understand that I do not make the batteries, I only install them, and I receive NO warranty on the batteries from Seiko or my suppliers. Out of the hundreds of these overhauls I have done only a very few people have found that the watch still would not hold a charge after the capacitor was replaced. More often than not, if the watch still will not function properly after a new lithium-ion rechargeable battery is installed, the fault is NOT the battery but another problem such as the circuit in the watch, or the coils. If it does turn out to be a bad battery in the first 24 months after the overhaul then I will change it again for the return shipping charge (currently $11).Thank you!

·                Please follow the procedure under SHIPPING below and include a check/money order for $55 with your Kinetic. If any additional parts or charges are needed you will be notified. The $55 price is for the capacitor replacement package outlined above only; all other work will be extra (including water resistance repairs).

·                If your Kinetic is an "Auto-Relay" type then please allow a full 8-week for return of your watch. I do not stock batteries for these models so they will be ordered with my monthly order if one is needed.

·                New movements are not available for the 3M22/23 family of Kinetic watches any longer (these are usually the ladies watches). At present, I can still get some parts for these watches. Getting the batteries for these watches is not a problem; I just will not be able to replace a complete movement in these watches any longer. If you have one of these watches please treat it with care, including annual water resistance testing, to ensure it lasts a long, long time!



·                If your Kinetic has a crystal, which is, badly scratched (usually mineral glass) why not have it replaced while your watch is in for service? A new crystal would make your watch look a LOT better! Most Kinetic watches can be fitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. In cases where the watch is sent with a request for a sapphire crystal and one cannot be fit, then a standard mineral glass crystal will be fitted instead. Click here for crystal pricing: Crystal Prices

·                If your crown is badly worn, I can replace that when you have your Kinetic in for service! The crown is the part that you use to set the time and date or wind a mechanical watch. In cases where the stem is also badly corroded, I will suggest it also be replaced. If I replace both the stem and crown at the same time then the charge will be $50 for both (a savings of $10). Cost for crown replacement starts at $30.

·                If your charge indicator pusher is sticking, is not working right, or is badly worn, I can replace that while your Kinetic is in for service!!! Cost for indicator pusher replacement starts at $30.

·                I offer refinishing of stainless steel watchcases and bands!!! If your band has gold plated links in it I cannot refinish it (I will be able to do the clasp). The charge will be by the hour, and any gold-plated elements on the case cannot be refinished (the gold plating in use today is very thin and any type of abrasive action would destroy it instantly). This service will also most likely require a new bezel gasket be installed on most stainless steel watches. If interested in this service please e-mail.

·                If your Kinetic has a leather band, and it is worn, why not have it replaced while your watch is in for service? A new band really goes a LONG way in setting a watch off on your arm! I can get SOME factory Seiko bands, but they are VERY expensive. If you insist on a genuine Seiko band then expect to pay in excess of $100 for it. I am sorry, but I have no control over the pricing of these items.


PLEASE read, agree to, and follow the procedure below for sending your watch for estimate/repair. The steps below are for YOUR safety and that of your timepiece! I take in many watches for repair and without the proper information, I have requested I cannot track your watch or return it to you! SIMPLY HAVING THE INFORMATION ON YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER IS NOT ENOUGH. I AM SOMETIMES NOT THE ONE THAT OPENS THE PARCELS OR CASHES THE CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS. PLEASE PROVIDE THE INFORMATION I ASK FOR BELOW! THANK YOU!

I hate to add this, but after years of asking, people still are sending their watches in envelopes, padded envelopes, and uninsured. That being said, ANY watch that is received in an envelope or uninsured WILL be refused at the post office and returned to the owner at their expense. I am sorry, but if I accept the package and there is damage, I then become the responsible party. Please ship you watch in a box and insure it. Thank you!

All customers must please fill-out and enclose the watch repair form and liability waiver. Click below to open and print the form, it will open in a new window:

·                Watch Repair Authorization Form

1)         Wrap your watch in BUBBLE WRAP and place it in a BOX (the US Post Office gives away Priority Mailboxes for free. DO NOT SHIP TO ME IN A PADDED ENVELOPE. Shipping in a padded envelope is just inviting your watch to be destroyed!

·                Fill the box completely with packing material so your watch does not become damaged in shipment! I have had people using 1 small piece of bubble wrap in a large box. The result is the watch comes out of the bubble wrap and bangs around for thousands of miles in transit. PLEASE, use an adequate amount of packing material to fill the box; it will be cheaper than buying a new watch!!

·                PLEASE do not use "Styrofoam peanuts" to pack the watch! The result will be that the watch will settle to the bottom and be unprotected for most of the trip to my Post Office!

·                PLEASE, do not put tape on the watch itself.

2)         Enclose the Watch Repair Authorization Form with your watch.


3)         Include a check or money order for $55 to cover the Kinetic Overhaul fee and return shipping.

·                Please make checks out to Scott A. Ekleberry

·                No work will be done without the overhaul fee. I do not do work on "approval."

4)         Ship your timepiece by USPS Priority Mail

·                Ship to:

Scott A. Ekleberry-Watchmaker

PO Box 22

Upper Sandusky, OH 43351

·                Insure your parcel for at least $100.

·                Put Delivery Confirmation on the parcel (that way you can check to make sure I received it on-line).

·                Mark the package "FRAGILE.”



·                I do not do work on "approval,” watches will be held until the bill is settled, or the watch can be sent C.O.D.

·                     If you do contact me about your repair, PLEASE be specific, I can have other watches in the shop and cannot remember ever one.

·                Ohio residents must add 7.25% sales tax.

Please Take The Following As A Guideline For Repair Times:

·                Kinetic Overhauls take 1-4 weeks; if you have not heard from me at the end of 4 weeks, and then please e-mail me. If parts are needed it will certainly be more than one week, and possibly at least eight if the part(s) are on back-order.

·                PLEASE, allow me time to do the work, I cannot estimate/fix every watch that comes in within 4-5 days, it is just not possible, especially during the "busy season."


·                Personal check

·                Cashier’s check 

·                Money order

·                I do not take any credit card payments. Sorry!

·                Please make all checks or money orders payable to Scott A. Ekleberry

If you still feel you have any unanswered questions after reading through my web site, please feel free to e-mail questions. Thank you!




Sending Your Watch For Repair Through the Mail And The Truth About The Watch Repair Industry In America

Background & Certifications

Watch Care & Advice & Facts You Need To Know!

Shopping For A Watch

How A Watch Works

About Myself

The Federal Trade Commission wants to hear from YOU on the right to repair issue!

The Federal Trade Commission is requesting your input on how a repair restriction including the unavailability of spare parts is affecting your business or consumer choice of repair person/location.

On July 16, 2019, the United States Federal Trade Commission held a workshop on repair restrictions. Public comment has been requested as they look into repair restrictions.

You can watch a video recording of the workshop at

The FTC is trying to determine the extent and effect of repair restrictions as it determines whether it should implement any regulations or recommend any policy changes.

The bulk of the investigation has been focused on the repair of electronic devices like phones, automobiles, and farm equipment but this is your opportunity to try to steer the investigation to include watch repair and the restrictions imposed by manufacturers.

This issue affects all of us! Tell your peers and customers!

The FTC has made a request for public comments to be submitted before September 16, 2019 at the workshop website.

The more responses the FTC receives the more effective the response will be. The voice of the consumer is just as powerful (if not more so) than the voice of the watchmaker. Please make your voice heard today! Thank you!

For more on this issue please read below:

Repair Parts Restricted Brands

Please Read!

Mechanical watches require periodic service in order to keep them in proper operating condition. The cost of periodic maintenance is part of the long-term cost of ownership, which must be factored into any watch purchase decision.

We believe the watch buying consumer should have the right to have their watch serviced by the watchmaker of their own choosing and not be forced to obtain service only from factory repair facilities at non-competitive prices.

We believe that an open market for repair service promotes competition, holds down repair costs, and is good for the watch consumer.

It is our understanding that the manufacturers of the following brands refuse to sell repair parts to independent watchmakers. In some cases, these manufacturers will not even sell repair parts to their authorized dealers. We believe this practice is unfair to both consumers and independent watchmakers.

We would further add that only through consumer pressure can this situation be resolved. We encourage you to contact your State and US Congressional representatives about this issue. In addition, inform the company or companies exactly how you feel about this policy. As long as the manufacturers are allowed to continue this policy, the consumer will suffer with higher repair prices in a noncompetitive environment. In addition, the future of the independent watchmaker, both in the United States and other countries is being called into serious doubt because of the lack of repair parts.

Anyone considering the purchase of one of these watches should inquire whether the brand will provide repair parts to the independent watchmaker of the customer's choosing, or if the watch can only be serviced at the manufacturer's repair facility. We hope you will consider this information carefully before making your purchase decision.

A. Lange & Sohne

Alfred Dunhill










Daniel Mink

David Yurman





Frederique Constant

Franck Muller




Harry Winston



Marcel Watch


Mont Blanc

Meylan Stopwatches



Raymond Weil

Pierre Balmain





Ulysse Nardin


Van Cleef & Arpels

Vacheron Constantine





The independent watchmakers appreciate your support, and encourage you to contact your local or state Consumer Protection Agency and the Federal Trade Commission. For more information, please visit the following site:



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